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Claudio Magnabosco

Who am I

I am a business economist with over 25 years of specialist and managerial experience in industry, telecommunications, retail, media and logistics. My family comes from the canton of Glarus – I grew up in South America. Today I live with my family in Kilchberg (ZH): Like me, my wife grew up in South America.

I like to get involved with young people who are starting their careers: I am a tutor at my university, the HSG. In my spare time I like to play sports and am a captain in a tennis team in Kilchberg.

We like to travel with my family and maintain our friendships. I like getting to know people from all over the world and looking for an exchange. My interests are broad: politics, history, technology, and much more.

My story

As a Swiss Abroad, I was born in South America (Ecuador) and grew up bilingual: German (also Swiss German) and Spanish. In the mid-80s I moved back to Switzerland with my family and thus switched to the Swiss school system. After completing my technical Matura, I studied business administration (finance and accounting) at the University of St.Gallen.

I gained my first work experience in marketing and sales positions at companies such as Nestlé, Ringier, Philips and Sunrise. Those were very exciting times and the diversity of the industries required me to keep familiarizing myself with new business models and to specialize. I was also able to win French and English as business-fluent languages ​​for business reasons.

Later I was also allowed to take on higher management and management positions in sectors such as retail, telecommunications, industry and logistics. This gave me experience and responsibility for business success and employees.

The development and advancement of employees have always been important to me. Dealing with people is also a lot of fun and joy for me.


What am I doing

Since 2015 I have been working as an executive search consultant and headhunter – first for a national company in the position of managing director – and then for my own company.

I describe myself as a «headhunter» because it describes my job best. If companies are faced with the challenge of having to find the most suitable candidates for their company, then I am the right contact person to solve this task. I identify and address the right candidates in a targeted manner and bring them into the recruitment process.

Success in my industry consists of many elements – the most important are: networker qualities, openness to new things (technologies, circumstances, situations) and a lot of diligence – or commitment. The fuel in my work is the coming together of experience, interest in the customer and his business and joy in people.

Direct contact 

Claudio Magnabosco +41 44 552 71 74

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